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Who, why, and…

Who, why, and…

Several Russian mass media got hysteric about the Agreement on establishment of Common Economic Space inked in Yalta by the presidents of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine in Yalta, and honestly, it was justified.

It is the first time after the collapse of USSR, when its separate "fragments" agreed about something that the West is so afraid of…


Reading the Russian press and watching Russian TV channels, one can't avoid wondering at the ersatz democracy in that country. The country, in which oligarchs still can't decide: whose party to support? Therefore the reaction of media, belonging to them, is so weird. But only for people, who don't know about oligarch affairs in Moscow.

For instance, "Izvestia", affiliated with the industrial and investment group of Mr. Potanin likes the CES. But it doesn't like Lukashanko, president of Belarus. Also NTV, belonging to Gasprom and personally to Mr. Miller and Co doesn't like this Belarusian.

The NTV didn't like anything that happened in Yalta. Experienced and famous journalists, like blind kittens, now playing with their mikes trying to kick any initiative on integration in the CIS. And all because the Gasprom has its own view on integration. This company regards co-operation only as a principle: "We'll give you glass beads, - you give us gold". This ancient principle used by representatives of Medieval empires is especially dear to Gasprom people. That's why they hate the CES, where all will be honest and economically well-based.

Well, it's not even worth mentioning articles in "Kommersant" media. At least because all of them belong to the "Big friend of Mr.Putin's" - Mr.Berezovskiy. The one who apart from possessing palaces and ships also has a "political refugee" status in Great Britain.

Interesting is the position of Russian media, belonging to Mr. Luzhkov and Mr. Chubais. It's easy for Moscow mayor: he is a state official and an industrious businessman. His press and himself are now loyal to Kremlin. They have nothing to quarrel about. That's why TVC channel and "Luzhkov" newspapers are happy about the CES establishment.

The Mr. Chubais story is different. He is also a jack-of-all-trades. But he is no friend of the president's. Despite their common Petersburg roots. Consequently, the media affiliated with UES RJSC and personally with comrade Chubais, make positive but reserved comments on CES appearance. And they every time stress that Kazakhstan is the best partner in the new economic formation. Like, it is developing better than anybody and it's got a lot of money. If you don't believe, just switch on REN-TV.

It means that RJSC UES managed to defend its interests in our republic. Only without unnecessary noise and publications by former ministers…


Actually, there is a response to it in the first section. But we can't forget about specific features of Russian mentality.

Since the times when Mr. Shokhin was a vice premier of RF the Kremlin establishment has a following attitude to former brothers in Soviet mentality: "Where you fools are going to hide from us?". But if Shokhin said that in Almaty 10 years ago, right before the introduction of tenge, modern "Shokhins" just mumble it, getting high on the economic potential of their country.

Well, when you know that the wealth of just one Russian oligarch - Abramovich - makes the same amount as the gold and currency reserve of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan, - you have no wish to discuss who in CIS is the locomotive of reforms. But the point is that it is exactly Kazakhstan that is the locomotive. It is conditioned by the following factors, the mentality of population, specific features of the economic management etc.

And what do we see in Russia? A semi-finished administrative reform, twenty billionaires, politically strengthening police structures, a global alcoholism, and more than 140 million residents, who are all sure that the state ows them something…

In our republic life of course is no sugar at all. But nobody expects any help from the state. Most people lay their hopes on their own hands and brains.


…taking all this into consideration, we must thank Mr. Putin for his political will that he showed signing the agreement on CES. And also to support all four presidents in the establishment of common economic space. The final target of the whole process is to open a unitary trade area. Which means that we'll be independent politically and well fed economically.

It's worth making efforts for this…

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