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Kyrghizstan National Security Service: "Osama's Army - a Huge Flop of All Secret Services

Russian Federation government sent seven cargo planes to support the anti-Taliban coalition on Wednesday, Kyrghiz NSS General Myroslav Niyazov said recently. The Northern Alliance primary targets are Mazari-Sharif and Kabul. The situation in the region shall develop very fast and in an unexpected manner, KR SNS experts believe.

Late last week a Parliaments Assembly of CIS states closed at the Issyk-Kul prestigious Kyrghiz recreation center. Due to a lengthy discussion of the region security and CIS preparation for the new threats issues the agenda was significantly revised and one issue was removed.

General Myroslav Niyazov, Kyrghizstan National Security Service Deputy Chairman (the Kyrghiz NSS is a Kazakhstani KNB analogue) said the Service took very seriously the September 11th US strikes and the following bin Laden's claims to punish all participants of the anti-terrorist retaliation campaign. Primarily, water processing constructions security was strengthened in Kyrghizstan. The dams' safety and the security personnel aided by the additional internal services' squads' vigilance shall directly affect the country's economic prosperity. The water reserves supply the Kyrhiz power stations with cheap energy (it's exported to the Southern Kazakhstan), plus the Kyrghiz are about to sell the water to all consumers, just like the Uzbeks sell their gas and Kazakhstan exports its oil. Kyrghizstan Foreign Minister Muratbek Imanaliev confirmed that.

According to Niyazov's evaluation, today the territory controlled by the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan has grown from 5 to 30%. Within the last two months the anti-Taliban coalition was surrounding Mazari-Sharif, and as of today the blockade was complete, however it does not seem viable to take the town by a storm. The Northern Alliance is awaiting funds and technical assistance from the US; it is only upon receipt of the latter that its forces would attempt to break through the complex and numbered Taliban defense. The Alliance main forces moved to Kabul area - they are stationed 40 km from the capital and are awaiting the investments as well. Russian Federation government sent seven cargo planes to support the anti-Taliban coalition last Wednesday. A fortnight ago 500 Taliban guerillas had fled to the anti-Taliban coalition; today 25 Taliban field commanders calculated the risks and changed their previous masters for the Northern Alliance leaders. They deserted alongside their soldiers and these days fight their former brothers-in-arms.

The General said the campaign epicenter should move to and fro Afghanistan and Pakistan. Indeed, the Pakistan government decision to support the anti-terrorist coalition split the society and caused a wave of protests from the local students as well as the Moslem orthodox. The protest demonstrations threaten to turn into street fights.

The General said, today's primary and sole strategical mission is to capture bin Laden, the main source of the international security threat. The General categorically rejected the CIS parliamentarians' doubt - is bin Laden indeed as scary as pictured by mass media. Niyazov evaluates bin Laden as a charismatic personality with a huge energetic potential; he attracts a lot of people and money: "Annually in 62 Afghanistan camps thousands of Chechen, Philippine fighters, Uygur separatists, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan Islamic movement oppositionists are trained. Bin Laden and Arabic countries finance it all. Judging by the terrorist attacks, the system created by bin Laden is complex, very stable and thoroughly disguised. Bin Laden is not alone, but we view him as a most odious character".

En masse, bin Laden's "professionals" are based outside Afghanistan. The General did not go into estimating the number of guerillas deployed in Kyrghizstan: "No country's secret service can state that. It's a huge flop by all secret services". Niyazov is sure, this war shall develop quite dynamically. We'll face "the totally unexpected events which are hard to foresee. I do not want to take a responsibility and claim it will be this and not that way."

Bin Laden's escape from Afghanistan is "practically unviable", the NSS believes. The Number One terrorist has a sound understanding of the situation, he knows he is doomed, and he is getting prepared for the "vakhid's" - the religious martyr's death. 800 notorious desperados - Philippine, Arab and Chechen fighters are his personal bodyguards. Osama named his 14-year-old son as his ideas inheritor and his avenger.

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